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The Gap between Islands Christine Cheung
The Gap Between Islands

With technology, we often experience a paradoxical dissonance with our physical realities and its representation. These reflections of reality are often observed and experienced from a distance. The title of the project, 'The Gap between Islands' can refer to the space between people, between physical realities, their representations and their perception.

The show features photographs produced during a recent visit with her father to his hometown, Hong Kong, after his 30-year of absence.  It also features work produced in Aveiro, Portugal. Portugal is a country with colonial and cultural ties to Macau and Hong Kong.

Using an intuitive phenomenological approach, the work combines opposing elements such as playful happenstance with work distilled through an interior dialogue. Some works focus on emptiness, and a subtle tactility that can mirror the internal narratives of the viewer. Through the inexplicability of the images and objects, one is provided a space to grapple with questions of attachment and abandonment, fluctuation and constancy, separation and rebirth, where new identities may be formed.



Born and raised in Canada, Cheung is interested in the connection of memory and landscape - in painting and drawing, and in the translation of these interests into other mediums, whether through photography, found objects, or sculpture. Mixing private as well as collective themes, the economy of means, and fragility of the work can be seen as a resistance against the fast consumption of images. Using a minimal approach, she creates cultural distillations of these experiences.




Christine Cheung (Canada)


The Gap Between Islands -Christine Cheun
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