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Self-portrait Nina Eunhee Hong Titelbild

feminine vase (could use some water),

giggly and shy black crane with dark hair, 

white rabbit with pure pearl ,

yellow dots, 

polish porcelain bowls, 

calming flower blossom of almond tree in Asian restaurant at Regensburg, 

delicate and fragile butterfly, 

and sensitive orchid, 

*statements about her from the casual encounters with strangers and their first impressions 


“Self-portrait” presents a three-year experiment on public perception. Nina Eunhee Hong explored with stereotypical viewpoints and perspectives. 

In the performative mixed media installation “Self-portrait”,  she materialize the collected statements about her public perception. These recorded impressions of her outward appearance  are transformed in a metaphorical manner, leaving her as an interpreter of herself.   

Hong describes her on-going research-based practice as "I feel myself as a transparent bottle, an image collector of modified meaning, containing and mixing all of these images of the boundary between the world and myself".


Hong received a degree in Painting from SLADE School of Fine Art in 2015, presented her work at the Rainbow cube gallery, South Korea in 2017. She is based in Seoul and Berlin.


“Self-portrait“ is part of the long-term curatorial project 'Dragonfly' by SOMA Art Space Berlin and is generously supported by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa Berlin.




Nina Eunhee Hong (South Korea)


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