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Pictorial Narrative

How is the city's breathing and body temperature expressed?


"Confusion causes us to lose our way of " what to see " temporarily, but at the same time it faces the way of thinking that focuses on ourselves again."


Hyeja draws not the city, but the heart of the city, the soul of the city. Hyeja draws with a unique breath, a city that is wriggling and full of energy. The city is alive. 

But where does the living, the streets, the plazas, the parks and the buildings provide breathing, the power to make them hot or warm, the body temperature, and the energy to burst? It is not the artist's responsibility to analyze and explain the city. The artist's share is to feel, feel and feel more intense. In it, it does so until the tentacles of insight grow. Over the past 10 years, Hyeja has been doing so about the city's breathing and body temperature.




In the city of Hyeja, people are now gathering in the plaza and living their lives in time and change. Change is not just about the dimension of expression. The source of change is the artist's perception and reason for the city and life itself. After 2011, the city refuses to dissolve with loss and despair as before. Hyeja is more free from reductionism than before. He is now free to go to the collector of images. There is no norm or restriction to collage the collected images and to montage different spaces and times. The city was reconstructed and divided between fragmentation and assembly. Each segment is joined again into a new whole. Hyeja uses his expressive power to visualize the energy that connects the city with something beyond the city, a fateful force that re-contexts each one into one. By this pictorial narrative, places are more than places, and streets are associated with a sense of life that goes beyond everyday walks. The city of Hyeja is warm enough during segmentation and fragmentation. The breath is transmitted to a certain backlight world that is light, but beyond the perception. The truthful confession of the city that refuses to be reduced to anything like this is anew one I have never heard before.






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