Oxytocin | Startups Mate Art

While Berlin is known for it's viral startup and art scene, But why there has never been a matching event of Art-related Start-ups with Artists & Creatives. It's A Match! 'Oxytocin – Startups mate Art' is throwing for the first time in Berlin its kind of connecting event night. It's mission is matching artists and creatives with the right Berlin based startups. Do come and meet your match, 

in the NEW SPACE of SOMA.


Founders & Mission 


° STUSU | Studio Sublet | Ralf Dereich & Melina Volkmann



° Book a Street Artist | Artistic Skill Booking | Maria Botelho



° Kunst aber Gut | Artwork for caring Homeless | Daniel Kister



° Radiance | Research platform and database for VR art | 

  TIna Sauerländer



° CyberRauber | Theatre of Virtual Reality | Björn Lengers






  Philipp Artus Studio

  Interactive Light Installation 




  Artistic VR experience 

  The Swan Collective | Felix Kraus



*The hormone oxytocin has been shown to be associated with the ability to maintain healthy interpersonal relationships and healthy psychological boundaries with other people. Bonding with a partner could have unexpected rewards—in your brain, thus in your life. 


°° Our Great sponser 

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