[Ost] zu Gast - they were given the guesthouse

Veeeky graduated from National Taiwan University with sociology degree and later to pursue MA in visual communication in Goldsmiths College, London where she had more chances to explore new sounds and further established her own way of selection of music and creating visual art. 


Veeeky and Yen Yi Lee will present a virtual-social space developed by a profit driven company, Sustainable Data. This service allows the online avatars automatically interact with each other, through the data collected by beautify prosthesis wore by users. 


Our body exhibits more similarity through messages shared on internet space. Our online appearance are evaluated by algorithm at fastest speed beyonds our imagination. This phenomenon plays an important role in designing our daily appearances through build-in-app filters, plastic surgeries and make-up.


Females have been struggling with the standard of beauty, which has brought us an entire beauty industry dedicated to manufacture perfection. We are suppressed, but at the same time, the pursue for the inclusion is the main force which motivates all the medical-technical development.


With the growing capability of modifying our face, body and identity each day- we are making our body renewable and modifiable. Meanwhile, scientists are racing to experiment and to test 3D printing organs, body ink, Neurolink, and our understanding of biological body is changing to machine-like concept- where we can assemble our bodies just as how machines are composed by different parts.


The project is a near-future narrative in which we push the interrelation between online self (developed through selfie-beautify app), beauty tech (plastic surgery, biomeds…), and automated online interaction, to a degree that the online/ offline relationship integrated fully and become how we produce life. 




 ERICA _ Sustainable Data  | Veeeky  + Yen Yi Lee (TW)



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