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ONS #6 rosalux Titelbild.jpg
ONS #6 rosalux / SOMA Art Gallery

Solo Performance 


Kiss it Better(Interactive)    


The Network of Berlin Independent Project Spaces and Initiatives cordially invites you to the current event of ONE NIGHT STAND series in cooperation with the KW Institute for Contemporary Art.


rosalux presents the artistic duo KUIPERDOMINGOS PROJECTS for an interactive evening of performance, installation and live music. 

During one of his inspections of the Berlin project space scene in 2010, Hans Kuiper, a self-proclaimed "network artist" from Amsterdam, met Tiny Domingos, an artist and founder of the Berlin-based project space rosalux. Although they each have quite different backgrounds and live and work in diverse contexts, they discovered many common interests and decided to work together under the name KUIPERDOMINGOS PROJECTS. This interdisciplinary "joint venture" has set its lofty goals as bringing art down from the pedes-tal and back to the people, or as they put it, to let some fresh air into the white cube.

The collaboration is inspired by the empathic power of popular music, its accessibility to a very broad public and its direct expression of a scope of emotions ranging from love, through chagrin to enjoyment and amusement. The duo creates remixed installations connecting the hope and dynamism of avant-garde modern art and architecture movements of the early 20th Century with today´s sustainability and macro-economic worries in which the echoes of “neo-Schlager” pop songs are heard. The duo characterizes “neo-Schlager” as music influenced by the diverse aesthetics of Euro pop: German Schlager, Amsterdamer levenslied, portuguese YéYé bands of the 60s and French Chanson. These everyman tunes are enriched by a meta-discourse level about the ambi-tions and the working conditions of an artist, and the duo perceives them not only an appropriation of a music genre but also an homage to its simpli-city and popularity, expressed in the updated lyrics.

Ort: Chora / KW Institute for Contemporary Art


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