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Performance Unlimited | Nicola Fornoni

The project Performance Unlimited proudly presents artist Nicola Fornoni (IT)'s performance 'The Beginning.'

Nicola Fornoni has been exploring and performing performance art since 2013. Intending to wake up the cause of body-positivity, Nicola uses the art form of performance to express the healing of oneself through body movements, showing various discourses between his body and himself.

'The Beginning' tells a story between machines and the physicality of human, the power from within the body, and the spiritual belief in one's own. In the age of machines, our bodies have become a passive apparatus that facilitated by the convenience of automatic devices. By maneuvering the feathers with his breath and strength under the contrast to electric fans, Nicola tries to divulge into bodies' relationship with machines also the concept of lightness and weight as an epitome of his daily struggle--where does one stand when one needs the assistance of device on a regular basis.




Nicola Fornoni

curator : Nabi Nara 

curatorial assistant : Mujung Tsai 


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