Just what does it mean to be spiritual and how do people experience and express spirituality? 

For some people spirituality means one's manner of being , some define it more behaviorally as a set of behavior repertoires that is formal and ceremonial, still for others, it is the fullest possible actualization of what a person is in hers & his heart... wherein the totality of all the dimensions and capacities and contents of one's life and soul are brought to conscious unity in realization. 


SOMA presents San Jin and Atsuko Minami's works which are deeply connected with the spirituality and their life time events and experience such as death and life, the consciousness of being a part of a nature and universe. The universe that is invisible yet, it is obviously there when one is open to it as a visible world. San Jin's works  are inspired by shamanic  path whereas  Atsuko Minami's works are deeply connected with Kami - the spirits or phenomena that are worshiped in Shinto.  In both of the Artists' work spirituality is not separate from nature, but is of nature, possessing positive and negative, good and evil characteristics. They are the interconnecting energy of the universe, and are considered exemplary of what humanity should strive towards.




San Jin & Atsuko Minami



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