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City Spheres is a site-specific painting project by Baukje Spaltro. In 1989, Baukje Spaltro had been doing her Erasmus exchange Programm, in Kreuzberg, she had witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall. What would it be like to walk through Kreuzberg after that old and new 30 years? She has been producing through every 'sparziergang' in SO36 'a' painting during her stay in Kreuzberg.

City Sphere by Baukje Spaltro(IT/NL)
She is interested in urban identities of European cities. Especially in the invisible part of the urban identity, the sense of a place, according to the Romans the Genius Loci. In City Spheres, she visualized the urban identity of an urban district of Amsterdam Southeast(NL), Den Helder (NL), Milan(I) and Turku(Finland).
In each city, she created a City Sphere, a painted ‘cloud' and installation about the soul of the district (urban culture, architecture, and community). Spaltro paints with strong vibrant colors.

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Dan K. Sigurd

in collaboration with Sabine

Grégoire Simon



Baukje Spaltro