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BLUE - Nomadic Exhibition in Morocco

Chefchaouen-Chaouen where, today, is called a new "it" place on​ Morocco's tourist trail was once one-time refugee camp. In the 15th century, when Jewish refugees fleeing the Spanish Inquisition settled in large numbers in Chaouen, they brought their tradition of painting things blue to mirror the sky and remind them of God. The refugees may have moved on, but the practice of painting things blue lived on. The photogenic mecca, Chaouen Blue rinse covers not only houses but its mosques, schools, public squares and even its post boxes and trash cans. The over 600 years old custom would give precious lesson to our era. The era wherein full of quick judgement; categorizing, scanning, reading the stereotypes of ‘the others’ to devote the constructed simplifications to build one more brick on the systematically functioning wall to divide and separate. Was it so complicated at the time of this painting custom was accepted by the local Moroccans as we experience now? The cultural heritage to mirror Sky and God (whichever sides it belongs to) seemed a lot simpler and universal. Following the principle of the local Chaouener’s acceptance to the others, the exhibition ‘BLUE  – nomadic exhibition in Morocco’ is thus not promoting one-sided flow. SOMA Art Gallery selected 40 Berlin based, multinational artists including Newcomer refugee artists presented by Restart project whose submitted works are mainly dealing with Blue as a focus. The exhibition ‘BLUE’ is a trial of truthful mind to connect the two continents by de-constructing the Cliche and mere simplification on the others and recovering the beauty of the world as it is such as ‘Blue Sky’. The form of the exhibition is process-oriented, nomadic, site-specific and both-sided. This project is presented by SOMA Art Gallery Berlin, the ready to go images of 40 Berliner‘s works will collaborate in Morocco on road for 50 days. The result will be followed by an exhibition in February 2017.  SOMA kindly requests collaborations of innovative creators, producers and cultural institutions of Morocco of  this touring exhibitions in its core sense of exchange. 



Artists participating from Berlin: 

Oliver Rednitz, Jim Avignon, Noam Braslavsky, Günther Schäfer, Alex & John Gailla ,  Ola Lewin, Zabo Chabiland, Poul Weile,Tiny Domingos, Frederic Krauke,  Irene Pascual, Christoph Hoppenbrock, Dario Jacopo Lagana, Nicole Heinzel, Luz Scherwinski , Marco Scola, Elya May, Yoon Kye Hee, Nadine Nicole Stewart , Cornelia Es Said, Marcus Krauss, Gaby Bila Günther, Kai Oshima , Wu Zhi, Tian Tian Wang, Karin kerkmann,  Emily Kuhnke , San Jin, Laeti Hildebrand, Doris Hansen, Kas Liz Tz, Lan Hungh, Carola Rumper ,Atusko Minami, Patrik Alt, Felix J.H. Stumpf, Vincent Hofmann, Patric Sandri, Maciek Cywinski, Ismail Karayakupoglu (Restart)

Tamara (Restart)


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