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What consists of our everyday living? 

'Alltagsbox' is about the story of Kai Oshima, who wakes up rearranging her own everyday's private items. As described by the artist, her everyday's items don't have a real existence, presumably because they don't have a real existence: in a sense that they- the materials, need to be connected to their own user/host. They're not a person, but by the artist, they have a spirit, switching without choice from one host to the next and, replacing its consciousness with their own. In which realm are they then belong to? Questioning the relationship between the materials and their host/user, Kai Oshima has been spending to sort, structure, order, layer and newly reassembled her everyday's belongings. Her trial to figure out the relation to approach everyday's material's soul was more than 5 years. 'Alltagsbox' will present a five-year experiment at the artist's first solo exhibition.

Kai Oshima received a degree in Art from Musashino Art University, Japan and is awarded TERADA Price 2016 in Berlin.




Kai Oshima (JP)


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