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Temporariness, Relation and Art of Struc
Temporariness, Relation and Art of Structure

Lee Sujin’s works are based on ‘temporality’ and ‘narrative’ implied in ‘a specific space where urbanization takes place’, consisting of installation-based projects with a focus on the ‘memory space and emotionality of individuals and communities’.


< Temporariness, Relation and Art of Structure > reveals her recent aesthetic research of place-ness which is based on ecological imagination derived from social, physical and environmental factors. It transcends various signals, clues and the present time resulting from urban growth and expansion ranging from urbanization and industrialization to the present times, seeking for primitive elements to have been sustainable from the past through the future. The elements are used to produce composite composition of objects along with organic and sensible space creation. 




Sujin LEE (Korea)


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